LifeSouth is proud to celebrate life and culture this Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept. 15-Oct. 15. We would like to make a very special invitation to the Hispanic community: help us make a difference by saving more lives in our local hospitals.


Last year LifeSouth Community Blood Centers started an educational initiative aimed at the Hispanic community to promote and emphasize the importance of donating blood. There are many reasons why the turnout among Hispanics is low, but mainly it is because of language and culture barrier.


LifeSouth has been working really hard to prepare teams of bilingual specialists who will help Spanish speakers go through the blood donation process, making new donors feel comfortable and safe. According to America’s Blood Centers, Hispanics make up only 4.4 percent of the donating population, but it is a fast growing population in the United States.


The blood that is needed by patients has to be processed and tested before it’s delivered to hospitals. This is why it’s so important that people don’t wait until the last minute when they hear a family member or friend needs a blood transfusion. If your loved one needs blood, it will already be at the hospital waiting for them thanks to a lifesaving blood donor in our community. Hispanics are a good potential source of the badly needed Type-O blood which is the universal type requested most by our hospitals.


LifeSouth follows all FDA regulations, meaning every donor’s information is kept confidential, and all the materials we use are new and sterile.


Some of the benefits of donating blood include: free mini physical exam, free cholesterol results, free blood type results, free recognition item and a free snack!


This is truly a life-changing gift that could save up to three lives. Thank you to all of our AMAZING Hispanic blood donors for saving lives in our community. Keep it up, and tell your friends!

For more information call 888-795-2707. Press 3 for Spanish.

LifeSouth is proud to celebrate life and culture this Hispanic Heritage Month