The Hernando County Animal Services Center

When an Animal Shelter is unable to reunite pet and owner, finds a wild animal, or is left reassigning an abandoned pet, are usually left euthanize it. But at the Hernando County Animal Services Center, with no discrimination on breed, all animals are set at a high priority for adoption. From kittens of an adoptable size and age to pure bred puppies to mixed old dogs, all tested for heart worm and leukemia, vaccinated for rabies, and spayed and neutered. If you can’t afford to adopt, no problem, there is always a way to help with a donation of towels, canned cat food, canned dog food, washers and dryers, toys, kitty litter, cages, and so much more. Make a difference in a little furry person’s life and stop by the Hernando County Animal Services Center today and ask how you can help!
(352) 796-5062